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radio silence March 31, 2008

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I’m sorry I’ve been such a blogging turd.  I have neglected you all with my ridiculous rantings about my boring life.  Believe me you’ve been spared.Well, I planned to post so many times and basically I felt like I was telling the same old story over and over again.  Ovulated, had unromantic baby making sex, got my period.  Does life ever seem so repetitive to you all?   Well then I thought, who would ever enjoy reading about this?….. and then I thought, these ladies are going through the same thing….. and it is comforting to know you are not alone…. help me out … is that true, does some of the things you read sometimes ease your pain that you are not alone??  I often find myself Latley I’ve been feeling that it just wont ever happen for me…. I mean I’m even passed the obsession….It’s hard to even write that cause I’m so blah on my feelings .    What have I been up to?  Well, most recently (last Wed the 26th) I had thyroid surgery.  They did not see any cancer so that is great new.  The doctor removed part of the right lobe and the middle, the isthmus.  I had a goiter and a cyst that was gradually getting bigger and at the last ultrasound, doc noticed it changed a little so we took the most safe option and had it removed.  Ok, so lets talk about the surgery for a min.  When I had my laprascopy for the removal of the septum in my uterus, I had general anesthesia.  They put something in my IV and then the next thing I knew I was wrapped up in really warm blankets, kind of fuzzy but nice and sleepy and they were done.  NOT THIS TIME.  Holy cow.  I mean granted they were basically slicing my throat, but I woke up and I felt like total garbage.  I was in so much pain.  The tube they put down my throat during the anesthesia had caused so much pain and my neck, not only sore from being cut, but from being strained back, my God!…. So the nurse gives me a ton or morphine and I get so nauseated that I honestly want to puke, but guess what, I have absolutley nothing in my stomach, surgery was at 1, I was not allowed to eat from midnight the night before and it was like 330 or something.  Not to mention that my throat hurt so bad (inside and out) i would have died if i threw up.  Anyway, thank God for my Mom.  My husband sucks in these situations.  My mom stayed overnight at our house, she made me toast, she basically babied me. ……I love my Mom.  Note to self, tell Mom you love her.So today is day 5 after surgery, I actually started feeling alot better on Saturday and yesterday I felt great.  Today I felt like crap.  Maybe I just did too much yesterday, my obsessive compulsive genes overcame me and I couldnt stop straightening up.  My neck incision is healing, although I look a bit like frankenstein.  My hubby took me out for a couple of hours on Sat and we got some cute turtlenecks that were on sale at Banana Republic…. .short sleeves so I can still wear them, which is great, cause I am a little weirded out about the scar.  What else?  Oh yeah, our dog  Simpson is a dream.  We love him so so so much. He is kind, sweet, walks on a leash so nice, friendly, loving….but One problem, a big one.  Whenever we leave he poops or pees on the carpet.  I’m beside myself with this.  He doesnt do it at all when we are home with him.  He hates the crate too.  When we brought him home he loved the crate and now he tries to chew his way out.  Seriously dont know what to do about this.  Tonight the doggie shrink from the adoption agency is calling us. They say usually its the owners fault.  I’ll keep you posted.So, about the baby making thing.  So last night we decided to give it an old college try the next 2 cycles and then we are going to go back to the RE and see what our next steps are.  I turned 35  a couple of weeks ago and that is freaking me out a little.Thanks for listening.  Send me comments.  I’ve been keeping my eye on you gals.