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Ok I’m feeling much better April 19, 2008

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I can’t thank everyone enough for all the supportive comments, I really needed it and appreciate it.  I’m doing much better now 1+ week since diagnosis.  I’ve been really educating myself on thyroid cancer and the process that comes along with it.  After the initial shock of the “c” word, and alot of research, I’m feeling very positive that I am going to be just fine.

My surgery is scheduled for May 5th.  So up until then I’m sure I will have some good days and bad days…… I did find out that after the I-131 radioactive treatment, we will probably have to wait 6months to 1 year to begin trying again.  I just turned 35 so of course this scares me.  I already told my husband, once that time frame is up, lets just go straight to the doctor and be aggressive on getting pregnant.  He is totally cool with that….he has been really good during this whole ordeal…..I could tell hes scared, and of course that scares me, but ultimately we are doing fine and will be fine.

It was hardest telling people, like my parents and my sister, and of course people at work.  Once I got that over with I felt much better.  I hate having people feel sorry for me, I don’tknow why but its totally irritating.  F

Anyway, I work as a salesperson for a cable network and april is our busy month of presentations, so I’ve literally had like 3 meetings a day since I was diagnosed.  Its been good since I’ve just been so busy that I havent had time to stew in my diagnosis, which I think helps alot. 

Anyway, I’m taking a different approach to things.  I’ve got to think that things happen for a reason. I’m actually feeling lucky.  Lucky that I pushed to have this lump removed on my thyroid when both of my doctors did not think it was necessary.  Lucky that my surgeon instincually took out a nearby lymph node and found cancer there…..(usually he only removes the lymph nodes when he is taking out the entire thyroid); I feel lucky that I have not gotten pregnant.  This is has to be because I have cancer, and my body needs to totally heal before that could happen.  I have to think this way, otherwise I might not get through this.

I will write more later.



Thank you April 15, 2008

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your comments are all so sweet.  I’m not ready to write yet.  I’m getting there though….. just need a few more days to sit with it. 

when it rains it friggin pours April 11, 2008

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Went to my follow up after my thyroid surgery today.  They found some thyroid cancer in one of the lymph nodes.  This means I get to have another joyful surgery, this time they will take the entire thyroid out and I will have to go on T-131 radio active treatment to make sure they got it all.  I will also take a hormone pill for the rest of my life.  This also means no baby for us in 2008.  Thats really all I can say right now but I will write later.