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Sorry February 19, 2009

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Sorry I haven’t been blogging – for those who read my blog and have been caring about me.

Work is honestly so hard and I’m working such long hours I am so stressed and tired that I never have the strength to re-live the day on my blog.

I’m taking the time this am before everyone gets in.

SO- That last period was a killer.  I know this is TMI but I bled so much I was actually alarmed.  I called the doctor and spoke to one of the nurses who was not at all concerned and asked if i took a pregnancy test….What???

I got a full fledged heavy period on day 16.  that is not normal.  I have been a 26 day cycle girl my entire life!!  She said the last 2 clomid IUIs had nothing to do with it and sometimes the body just cycles differently.  WHAT??

Whatever, I’m a little put off by that.  I used the over the counter ovulation kit on day 9 and I was surging.  2 very dark lines.  We had sex that night, and the next day (saw another surge- another set of 2 dark lines) and just for good measure we had sex again the next day (no surge).  I also did accupuncture the past 2 Saturdays.   Who knows- I’m finding it hard to be negative and hard to be positive.  I get moments in the day when I’m like- ”
“I know it will be this month” and other “who am I F’in kidding” moments.

I guess only time will tell and then we will see what’s next.  Hubby and I went out for Valentines day and after a few cocktails we talked about adoption- I guess we were both feeling a little loose and it just came out- but then it got weird and we stopped.  He started getting like all “we are not giving up yet” .  And you all know I am totally with him on that – but we have never talked about adoption together so it was I guess a step in the right direction. 

Also- my new company will pay for all infertility up to $50K.  Which is awesome and a huge weight lifted from us.  However, I work 1.5 hours away and commute to the city every day- Hubby works close to home…. and with these “demanding hours”- I take a 7am bus in and a 7pm bus home….. when will I have time for cycling at the Dr.’s office??  I’m really stressed about this.  The one thing I have learned about this company so far they are very strict and corporate and they just frown upon coming in late and leaving early.  Just what I need more stress right?? 

I was thinking of telling them that I had thyroid cancer last year and on occassion I have follow up appts (which is also true)- and sometimes I have to come in a little late…… I dont have to tell them which doctor I am going to right?????????  I don’t know- thoughts?

I also am not “thrille” with my RE and thought of going to see Dr. Liccardi at NYU (his link is on this blog- he has a fantastic blog of his own)- the good about that is its in the city and easy to sneak away when I’m already here (like at lunch) ….. but the bad thing is – when Hubby has to make a donation- he would have to come in the city and do it in the office—– and frankly- he is not there yet. 

Anyway- people are filing in and I need to start the work day. I just wanted to update a bit.  Oh crap I guess I just started the 2ww.


I wish! February 8, 2009

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Thanks so much for your wishes…..but it’s not implantation bleeding.  I now have a full fledged heavy period.  This sucks.

confused February 7, 2009

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So today is day 16 of my cycle.  Last night I started spotting a little.  This morning I have what seems to be my period.  I have slight cramps but not the intense pain that I normally get.  I ovulated this past Sun or Mon according to the ovulation predictor kit.  We did clomid (50mg) with IUI last 2 cycles…… tried on our own this month with no meds while waiting for my new insurance to kick in.   I honestly have never had an irregular period before.  Usually 26 days on the dot.  Occasionally 27 or 28 days, and even sometimes 23 0r 24 but NEVER this.

Anyone ever experience this before?  Should I be worried?  Also, I’ve had a super headache pretty much all week,  I thought it was a migrane but now thinking it could be caused by hormones?

I would appreciate any feedback since I’m kind of freaking out.


Long time…. February 1, 2009

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WOW.  New job kicking my ass.

I barely could do anything but wake up go to work come home and sleep.  Good in a way but super exhausting.

Found out my SIL is pregnant .  She has one son that is 4 (will be 5 in Aug) and got pregnant with him the month she went off the pill.  She started trying again the year after he was born and had so much trouble…..she went to acupuncture for the month of november and she got pregnant.  She has no explanation except the only thing she did different was the acupuncture. 

I decided I’m going to give it a shot.  I made an appt. for next sat at 11AM.  Cant hurt right??

We are trying on our own this month as my insurance doesnt kick in for a bit.  

Thats all the news I have…. hope everyone is doing well.