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yesterday’s news March 25, 2009

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Saw Dr L. yesterday.  He is awesome- so nice, personable, made Hubby feel comfortable- he was great.

He looked at all of my records and actually said that the last 2 IUI cycles were both great cycles.  My FSH is low and everything else was perfect.  We talked IUI (with injectable) and IVF and pregnancy rates etc… Hubby actually asked some pretty good questions……. then he did an ultrasound.

SO- he believes there is more septum left. 

I know.  WHAT?? 

He was trying to show us what he was looking at but I have no idea what Im looking at on that screen.  But thats what he thinks.  SO now I go for another HSG (joy) – but Dr. L want to do it himself.  He is going on vacation so we are scheduled for 4/30.   Then we decide whats next.  Most likley I am looking at another surgery. 

He said alot of doctors think they get it all and they just dont.  The only other thing it could be is scar tissue (from the surgery) which is not a good thing. BUT dr. L said lets take one step at a time.

So thats where I am .

In Limbo. 



strange March 23, 2009

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So not only did I have an LH surge on day 14, but also on days 15, 16, 17 & 18


Whatever.  I’m so excited to see Dr. L on Tues.

I wont even go into how my B-day was.  Short story- work sucked and I got home at close to 9pm, walked in the door and sobbed in hubbys arms.  

God I hate it there.

Not so good for trying to get pregnant.  the stress I mean.

I just took 2 tylenol PM so I can sleep tonight and not be riddled with anxiety on Sunday like I usually am.

I also worked about 4 hours today (on my laptop – from home) which sucked but I knocked out a good part of my to do list so I guess work will suck a little less tomorrow because of it.  LOL.

I’m getting very sleepyyyyyyyyy so I’m signing off.  To my bloggy friends- Sue, Lisa and Shaunna, Pepper- thanks for hanging in there with me.

And today I enter into my mid to late 30’s March 19, 2009

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WOW.  I almost cant believe that today I turn 36.

I always imagined myself having a bunch of kids by now.  I guess I’ve been saying that for the past 4 years on each birthday.

I have not been blogging because I’ve been so overwhelmed with work.  This new job is really very “challenging” to me.  I’m struggling with the politics,  the micro managing, the late hours, the endless “internal meetings” etc…  I’m way too experienced for this and ironically feel like I’m drowning.  I’ve actually cried a few times (privatley)…… I really hate it.  Bottom line.  I can admit it now- its not going to get better.

Hubby and I talked about it this morning.  He called to wish me a good day and a happy birthday and I had just gotten to my desk and read an email from my boss that sent me over the edge.  I’ll stick it out for as long as I can – try to use up those fertility benefits and then seriously have to look for something else.  I know I’m luck to have a job- believe me I really do know- but at this cost?  stress and fatigue every day?  I mean I hit the weekend and can barely get out of bed.

Last cycle was a bust again- obviously as you would have heard from me before.  25 day cycle.  We were just coming off that weird length cycle though so hopefully my body will come back to normal now.

Have been going to accupuncture and guess what- I ovulated on day 14 or 15 (we are now day 17- today)…… interesting since I usually detect the surge on day 11 or 12 at the latest.  Don’t know if accupuncture is a coincidence but I had every ovulation sign that you can imagine.  (CM- I know TMI; LH surge detected on day 13 and 14; cramping on day 15).  So we “did it” on day 13, 14, 15, 16…. and tonight again.  If it doesnt happen this month then my God what could be wrong.   Good news is I’m going to see Dr. L on 3/24.  He does not take our insurance since he is out of network- but since I  opted for out of network coverage- we will pay upfront and get reiumbursed for 70% until 2k and then 100% after that.  He has asked for all of my records in advance- which to me is a great sign.

Ok I gotta get back to work- I rebelled and blogged during office hours – lol

hope everyone is well- oh and I am reading blogs so please don’t think I abandoned everyone entirely!  Just usually late at night and too tired to blog myself.

I promise not to be in hideout for more than a couple of days at a time.