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Post Surgery May 29, 2009

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So it has been just about 24 hours since my surgery.  I’m feeling ok- sore to say the least.  

We got to the hospital an hour early as required 12 noon for a 1pm surgery.  They were running behind so I actually didnt go in till around 330.  Since I did not eat since the night before I had a killer headache. 

Anyway- Dr. L talked to me and hubby and my mom before I went in and explained the whole procedure- including the balloon catheter- ugh.

I woke up from the surgery in severe pain… it was the catheter.  So much pressure and the worst cramps possible.  They gave me some pain meds via a shot in my leg and also though the IV which helped a little.  Dr. L had already left so they were trying to call him to see if they can send me home with some pain pills.  I would have died if they didnt.  I was not expecting that much pain and I started to cry.  The nurses were so nice though and Thank God sent me home with some Vicodin.  

The Balloon catheter is quite uncomfortable.  It has a bag that is strapped to my leg, and it was filled with blood- sorry I know TMI.  Anyway, when the nurse called to day she said I can dump it – and I actually cleaned it out so its not so bad now- but still quite uncomfortable.

Not looking forward to wearing this for an entire week- especially since I’m traveling.

When the vicodin wears off I can feel the cramping and it sucks.  I also have an antibiotic, estrogen (I start taking that today for 4 weeks ) and progesterone (which I start in 4 weeks).

Dr. L told my hubby that the procedure went perfect and the septum was resected with no problems whatsoever.  He said there is no easy way to tell if it was scar tissue, we are hoping it was septum and the balloon will prevent scaring.  He told us that we can probably begin IVF in July if we want.

Well thats where I am today.  I’m resting for the weekend.  I ate a bunch of saltines last night before bed and an english muffin this morning.  I just got my appetite back and my hubby made me a baked piece of chicken and some brown rice and I now feel really good. 

I’m gonna lay down now and watch some tv……..


Surgery Day May 28, 2009

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Hey Everyone.

I’ve been a terrible blogger.   I would have blogged sooner but I feel like such a Debbie Downer.   In all seriousness- It has been  a rough couple of weeks.

1) Work.  So terribly stressful.  I leave for work at 620am and get home around 830pm.  I am utterly exhausted all the time and no time to blog-

2) My husbands closest friend passed away.  He was so young and it is devestating.  It was a accident – I’d rather not go into the details but its been very hard on both of us- but mostly my husband.  I’ve never seen him like this and it makes me so sad. 

and finally 3) Surgery is finally here…… nervous.  Met Dr. L yesterday morning and he told me he is putting a balloon catheter in my uterus and I have to wear this for a week…… this is totally freaking me out.  I have to travel next week for work (on a plane and away from home 2 nights).  I’m so scared about this- does anyone know anything about it that can share some insight as to what I can expect?

Wish me luck everyone- I promise to write on Friday when I’m relaxing in bed- with hubby waiting on me.

Oh and I somehow lost my blog roll???  anyone know how to fix that?

Mother’s Day May 11, 2009

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommy’s out there.

And happy future Mother’s day to most of us….. I am kind of a Mommy to my dogs no??   LOL.

Anyway, went to my SIL’s yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day.  My own Mother did not want to travel to our house or fight the crowds at restaurants so we are doing mother’s day another day for her…. yes shes a little weird.

So off we went.  I have to admit- It was a tiny bit awkward for me.  My SIL’s pregnant, and her hubbys sister just had a baby- and eveyone is quite aware of our struggle and I just felt weird.  I’m sure no one noticed. But they were giving gifts all over the place and at some point I just went in the house and did the dishes. LOL.

Anyway- just kind of in limbo until I have the surgery on the 28th.  Feeling kind of down and feeling sorry for myself.  I’ll snap out of it, but for the first time- Mother’s Day was actually hard for me.

Ok back to the rat race.  Blog you later : )

Update May 5, 2009

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I’ve been wanting to blog since my appt. with Dr. L on Thursday, but I’ve seriously been so busy.  Not an excuse I know but Friday was nuts.  Left for Florida to see my little brother graduate college, and now here on business for a few days.  I’m now sitting in a lovely hotel room (Ritz Carlton) and relaxing and now finally have a moment to reflect.

So HSG was pretty un-remarkable.  Although it didnt really hurt this time (last time it KILLED).  Anyway, we looked at the films right away and there was the septum.  It didnt look as pronounced that it did 2 years ago, but it definatley was still there.  I was not surprised at the result.  I was already expecting it.

So looks like I’m having the lap/hyst surgery on 5/28. 

I guess that is good news right?? 

Like I told hubby, at least we are getting answers.

On another note.  I’m relieved to be out of the office.  I’m traveling with a colleague and not my boss so it actually is pretty good.  Being in the office is so stressful, and being out on the street and really doing my job is so rewarding.  I wish I never had to go in to the office again.

Anway, sorry to be so boring….. I’m pretty tired so gonna catch up on my blog reading and hit the hay.  Promise not to be such a stranger.

Love me.