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Part Deux June 30, 2009

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Ok so back on the bus….. and some more blogging time.

So I did not have a drink that night but I did have a valium.  When I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer my doc gave me a perscription and I have a few left- so I take them in emergencys….. and well I will say that this constituted as an emergency for sure!

So I end up going in the following week to meet with Dr. L.  He tells me that the septum was “massive”, and he really does not believe it was scar tissue- that it resected nicley and he really thinks this should solve the problem.  We made a plan to go back in for an ultrasound right after my next period so he can check how I look.  He said that the progesterone would bring on my period.   But of course, I defy all the odds and get my period the very next day.  A very heavy, very painful period.  I checked the calendar and it is right on schedule.  I call Dr. L and he was actually a little surprised cause I guess I wasnt supposed to get it with the estrogen therapy??? I dont know but he said the reason it was so heavy was because 1) the estrogen builds up the lining and 2) there is more room in my uterus!!  Gosh I hope that last point is true!!

So he said to keep taking the hormones as perscribed and call him on Day 1 of my next period to schedule an ultrasound the following week.   Yesterday was Day 1 so my appt is next wednesday.  I also have an endocrinologist appt for that same day later on in the afternoon (thyroid cancer followup)- so big day for me- say a prayer!!

We have decided to try on our own for one month and then after that cycle go for IUI with injectables for one month and then straight to IVF.  Anyone have any feelings on this plan?? I would like to hear.  Seriously.

Blog u later.


Finally emerging from the woodwork June 30, 2009

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I don’t know where I’ve been – seriously.  I’ve had so much to say and basically no time to say it.  Work just gave me an air-card to “work” on my commute home and I am basically using it to post on my blog….hee hee.

So let me try and update on where I am -(no where mind shattering so dont get too excited).

I will start off with a funny story.  Mind you it was not funny at the time, but now that I look back …. quite hilarious.

It takes place 2 days after my “Ginger Ale” post.   Oh I was so sick that night and the next day and the day after that also.    If you can remember – I was away on business- still had the balloon catheter (gross) and had 3 meetings and an event with clients. 

So I power through the meetings- I honestly don’t know how I did it…. being nauseous is such a terrible thing for me- like one of my wort fears…… but I got though it and I think I just kept focusing on the fact that I had my appt with Dr. L the day I get home- acutally was going straight to the appt from the airport.

At one point during the trip I got a call from Dr. L’s office that they needed to move my appt up from 2:30 to 12:30.  Now I was flying in that morning and landing around 1130, so that would be really really cutting it close…. I was flying from Atlanta to NYC – and there are ALWAYS delays in Atlanta.  But they told me that Dr. L was absolutley not going to be there in the afternoon so I had to really try to get there at 12:30.  I vowed to do so- as I was not – I repeat not going one more frigging day with this balloon in me!  I had rented a car so my plan was to just get up super duper early and get on an earlier flight.

SO- I wake up real early and leave the hotel and drive to the airport.  Mind you- my stomach was so bad I hadnt had coffee that morning (actually for like a total of 10 days if you can believe it…..I am a crazy morning coffee drinker so this was real bad).   So now picture how tired I am- I’ve been sick for days, traveling, no coffee etc….  yes I am setting you up for quite a story.

So – I get to the airport with no problems, I get on an earlier flight that is now set to get in at 10:30 am…… gives me plenty of time to get to Dr. L’s office- with no worries.  I don’t have to check bags cause I have a small carry on.  I go through security, I get to the plane- I get a good seat!  I sit down- I realize I do not have my luggage…..  I panic….. I shake….. I realize I must have left it at security.  I am so friggin dazed and confused, I actually went through security – grabbed my shoes- and went on my merry way to the gate – WITHOUT MY LUGGAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, there were some tears I wont deny this….. I was booked on the next flight- MY ORIGINAL FLIGHT and sent back to security to find my bag.   SO I get my bag and Im on my way to the new gate.  Can you guess what happens next?  Yep.  Delayed.  1 hour.  

I call Dr. L’s office cause I realize that I’m basically going to a) be late or b) just make it in the nick of time.   To make matters worse, Dr. L’s assistant is on vacation so I’m talking to a bunch of people that don’t know me from a hole in the wall and couldnt care less if I have a balloon catheter.  I am transferred to several different people who all tell me that they can book me for an appt tomorrow.  I start sobbing.  Seriously people, I am pumped full of hormones and am so tired and to be frank- I was a stinking hot mess.

I call my hubby who honestly feels terrible and cannot do anything for me…. he tells me to tell them I will be there in time.  This way once I show up someone (even if its another doctor) will have to take it out.  So I decide I like this idea but now can’t get through to anyone….. it just rings !

So we board the plane and the pilot says we will get in by 11Am.  I now know I’m going to make it but still cant get in touch with anyone.  I eventually have to turn off my phone and have anxiety the entire plane ride.

SO- I end up getting there on time.  A nurse removes it and it was like absolutley no big deal, I don’t know why they didnt just suggest that in the first place…….  ANYWAY, I still feel like shit so I decide to take a cab to Port Authority- which to you non NY’ers is the bus station. 

By the way- just to prepare you this is just getting to the good part.

So I get a cab right away.  I get to the bus station- I think to myself- not too bad- I will get home around 3pm, take a shower, get in my pjs and get in bed and have hubby pamper me….. 

I pay the cab driver, I get out.  Just me .  No luggage.  NO FRIGGING LUGGAGE.  I left it in the trunk of the cab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have no reciept- I paid cash.  I begin to hyperventalate.  I call my husband.  I could hardly speak.  oh and by the way, my luggage had a projector and speakers that belonged to my company and also all of my medicine- all the hormones including my synthroid that I need cause I don’t have a thyroid!

Finally my husband says”calm down and pull over another cab and ask him what to do”- So I do this.  He tells me to call 311.  I call 311 and get transfered to about 3 different numbers at 3 different locations.  I finally get someone o the phone…. I tell her the story, this is kind of how the conversation went

Phone operator: “What can I help you withyou”

Sobbing crazy woman” “I lost my luggage in the trunk of a cab”

Phone Operator:  “Do you have the medallion number”

Me: “No”

Phone Operator:  “Reciept?”

Me: “No”

Phone operator: “Pay by credit card?”

Me: “No”

Phone operator:  uncontrollable laughter……

Me:  “hello?”

SO the weird part of the story is that the woman was actually very helpful.  I gave her all the info I had, like what time I was picked up – where- how much the fare was etc…..  she said to stay put and took my cell number down.

DO you know I actually got the bag back???  It took 2 hours, but she (I found out her name was Gloria)- tracked down my driver- the most impossible thing in NYC and sent him back.  I gave him 20 bucks – but wow- honestly it was a miracle.

SO – now the story is actually kind of funny, how on earth I lost my bag 2X in one day is beyond  me.  Seriously, if you knew me IRL- you would be so surprised…. I am usually a very put together gal!  I obviously didnt feel good !

So – another thing to mention is when the bag was removed- my nausea basically disappeared also….. interesting right?? Could be a coincidance??

Anyway- My stop is there so gotta go…. will write more later promise 🙂

Ginger Ale June 3, 2009

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I thought Ginger Ale would be a good title since its basically all I’ve been able to drink for the past 5 days. 

Not sure what happened but by Sunday the nausea set in and it never left…… 

So hate to complain but I’m actually traveling for work, with this balloon thingy coming out of me and strapped to my leg, nauseous 24 hours a day and well lets just say I had some bathroom issues yesterday as well.

God I hope this is the last of this mess and this surgery was finally worth it.  I see Dr. L tomorrow for the removal of the balloon.

Wish me luck.  And luck with this stomach!!!  I’m assuming its the antibiotic and the estrogen but who knows I guess it can be a bug.

Thanks Lisa for help with the blogroll!