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no news July 14, 2009

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I mean  I guess there is a little news as I spoke to Dr. L yesterday.  He said there he doesnt have a good answer for me about getting my period again.  He said that it is prob just my body getting back to normal from the hormone therapy.

God I hope so.  

I have a friend (IRL) that is having trouble getting pregnant….. she is not interested in IVF for religious reasons but anyway- she had her FSH tested and it was 16.   I cant remember what mine was the last IUI cycle but I think it was like 8 or something.  Anyone have any info on high FSH and getting pregnant naturally?


What the hell? July 11, 2009

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Perplexed.  Confused.  Annoyed even. 

My cycle is all f’ed up.

So after surgery, I was taking estrogen for 4 weeks and progesterone the 3rd week for a 5 days.

Surgery was 5/28.  6/8 -One week later I had a very heavy period. Dr. L said to continue to take the pills.  Once I finished the progesterone he said I should get another period.  I finished the progesterone on 6/19….. my period came on 6/29.  

Saw Dr. L this week- he did an ultrasound and was very happy with what he saw….. he said my uterus looked normal.  Yay.

We were planning on trying on our own this month and then moving on to IUI for August.   

So I buy ovulation kits and start using them on day 10.  Today is day 12.  Today I woke up with my period. WTF.

Should I be worried??  I kinda am.