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beta results February 28, 2010

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Nurse just called, the beta number was 56.  They said its on the low side for day 28 so they want me to come back in on Tues for another test to see if it doubles correctly.

I’m nervous, my husband’s nervous….. still no symptoms.

Anyone have any advice?  Have had lower betas and still progressed fine?

Any encouragement would be great.


Pictures February 28, 2010

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snow day February 26, 2010

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We are getting slammed in the NE.  I was in Atlanta since Tues on business and got wind of this winter storm headed home.  My boss was with me, but after our meetings on Thursday he was headed to Florida for the weekend (so he was not worried at all)- however, I was NOT getting stuck in Atlanta through the weekend so I ended up getting the first flight out yesterday 6:45 am.  Lucky me, all other flights were cancelled and we are blanketed with snow right now and it’s still coming down.  I am working from home today as I expect most of my team.

I continued to have cramps from 4 days after our 5 day transfer up until last night (6 days post 5 day transfer).  I’m not feeling them so much anymore- maybe a twinge here and there but they have substantially subsided.  Boobs are kinda sore but I’ve been poking them quite a bit- lol.  Anyway, not any more sore than if I was about to get my period.  Other than that I really have no other symptoms to report.

I have one digital pregnancy test in my medicine cabinet.  It came with one of the ovulation kits that I bought a while back when we were still trying on our own.  My plan is to do the digital test Sun Morning before we leave for the beta.  My hubby does not want me to do this, but I want to be prepared for the call if its bad.   Thoughts on this??

I’ve been scouring the internet with what people have felt at this stage of their IVF and frankly its all over the map.  A lot of women do actually feel like they are getting their period so that pulled me a little out of my pocket of depression I started feeling.  I mean every time I sat on the toilet I expected to see that my period had arrived, that’s how intense my cramps were- even down my legs, my back- as I mentioned- a crampy sensation basically throughout my body.  I wont say they are totally gone, but definitely diminished quite a bit.

Sigh 🙂

I wont lie – I used one of the ovulation predictor kit tests yesterday.   LOL, I don’t really know why, I just had an urge POAS and didn’t want to actually pee on a pregnancy test…. this seemed safer.  There was a second line, but I don’t think that’s an indication of anything. LOL, I’m actually laughing about this now, I was really a little nutty yesterday and depressed.

I had a dream that the digital test was positive, I remember seeing it “pregnant”.  I woke up this morning and for a split second, thought it was real.  Oh God, if it could only be real!

Praying, wishing, hoping on this snowy day, and just happy I don’t have to travel  into the city.

2 more days until beta.

crampy sensation February 24, 2010

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So, it is only 4 days since our 5 day transfer and of course I am going crazy on symptom watch.

It is hard to describe the feeling, I’m calling it a crampy sensation…. not yet period cramps but the feeling right before I get my period.  I basically feel like I’m getting my period.

I’m upset cause this is exactly how I feel a few days leading up to getting it.

I’m traveling on business – (oh and just did the PIO shot on my own btw…..) and sitting here watching LOST and wondering how am I going to handle this if it didn’t work.

I am really trying to be positive, but my god, it really feels like I’m getting my period.


resting February 20, 2010

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Today is 1 day post 5 day transfer.  We transfered 2 blastocysts yesterday.  I even got a picture (which was kinda cool and kinda weird at the same time).

All went smooth and now I’m resting in bed.  Hubby met me at the doctors and we went for pizza directly after and then I actually went to get some accupuncture.  I gave up accupuncture because financially we had to give up some things and she made the cut (along with our cleaning lady) but we thought we should spare the expense this time.  She said she usually tries to treat before transfer as well as the day of retrieval….. but she still thought I could see some benefit, as a relaxation tool as well as help with implantation.  I’m going in again tomorrow for one more session.

Literally got in bed yesterday as soon as I got home…..slept 9 hours!!!  Got up this am (breakfast in bed- thank you honey)…. I did have coffee (not sure if this is a no no or not???) and then took a shower and got right back into some comfy clothes- sweat shirt and leggins!!  Hubby left for the gym, and instructed me not to do anything….. I took the dogs for a very short lazy walk just to get some air and swiffered the kitchen floor.  I also emptied the dishwasher but cant believe that I extended to much doing that!  Now I feel like my dogs are happy, my house is semi- straightened up and I can rest again.

I’m traveling next week for 2 nights and last night hubby showed me how to load the syringe with the progesterone oil and tonight I will give myself the shot…… I also got a note from the doctor so I can travel with the syringes- has anyone done this before??

At last – I am attempting to upload some pics here of my wonderful SITM buddy’s gifts. They wouldn’t let me wear the socks during transfer- but I did wear the necklace!!

OMG February 17, 2010

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I’ve been moved to a 5 day transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 day transfer today February 17, 2010

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Unless I hear from the Doctor sooner that they will push to Friday for a 5 day transfer.  This whole thing makes me very nervous, as if my embryos are sub standard for a 5 day so we will do a 3 day.  I’ve been reading online about it and having a hard time with it.  What do you gals think?

On another note, while trying to be all positive today, I wore my lucky bracelet that a friend gave me, my believe necklace that this wonderful blogger gave me and my wedding earrings that my hubby gave me the night before our wedding.  I just got to work (leaving at 1 to be at the Doctors at 1:45) and went to the ladies room to check my hair etc…I noticed I’m missing one of my earrings.  I’m freaking out and called my husband who thank you Lord calmed me down, thats its just an earring and we have other, more important things to think about today.

I’m scared its a sign.  It’s so not right?

We have 4! February 15, 2010

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The nurse just called.  I was pretty much hyperventilating all morning waiting for the news.  We are to start the progesterone injections tonight and if I don’t hear from the staff in the next day then I am set for a 3 day transfer at 1:45 Wednesday 2/17. However she mentioned that there is a possibility that they will make it a 5 day transfer – they will call me and let me know.  SO, I did not ask the quality, the grade or anything.  Mostly because I didn’t think about it, but also because I kind of was afraid to dissect every piece of this too much and make my self crazier than I already am.

I am wearing my “believe” necklace that came along with my package from Sock it To Me 2010 from http://mybumpyjourney.wordpress.com

Can someone tell me how to link to another blog by a word and not typing the entire blog?  I’ve been trying to figure it out but can’t!

I will upload pictures later 🙂

7 February 15, 2010

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Is the lucky number.  They got 7 eggs!!  We were expecting 5, maybe 6 so I’m considering this good news.

I’ll post more about the experience tomorrow.  I felt a bit queasy on the ride home and literally got right into bed and slept a few hours.  I just ate some soup and half a sandwich and a delicious truffle and a few non parelis  (my favorite) that my hubby got me for valentines.  But truth is I’m pretty beat so just gonna lay in bed and watch the olympics and go to sleep.  I am feeling some cramping- I just took some extra strength tylenol so hopefully they will subside soon.

Oh my little eggs- please please fertilize!!

ER Tomorrow February 13, 2010

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Nervous, excited…. I am praying everything goes well.  Yesterday I still had 6 follies all measuring around 19mm and one at 14. HCG was given at 4am!!!!!!!   Ridiculous. Apparently NYU is very busy tomororow.

however, My Sock It To Me – socks arrived today from this beautiful blogger: http://mybumpyjourney.wordpress.com    ; She also sent along a bunch of other goodies that were so sweet and a card that made me tear up.

I will post pics soon.  I suck at blogging I don’t know how to do anything (including linking to her blog above)….. so I will figure it out when I’m resting tomorrow 🙂

We have to be there at 1:30, so so so glad it fell on a Sunday and bonus that I’m off on Monday.

We are headed out now for an early Valentines Dinner.  Till tomorrow 🙂