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Graduation March 22, 2010

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I can’t believe it.  Today I am 7 weeks 1 day pregnant!!  (am I really saying this?  Saw Dr. L today.  The ultrasound said everything is perfect, 134 glorious heartbeats per min.  No more PIO shots and said goodbye to Dr. L.  Kinda sad, kinda wonderful.

Besides the fact that I am sick sick sick most of the day I am starting to believe this is not a dream.  I told a friend recently who has been kind of following my journey and she has a friend who shes been wanting me to meet that also went through years of infertility and who is now pregnant with her 2nd from IVF (first was IVF also).  Anyway, she sent me this note today, from her friend….. Please tell her she can call me ANY TIME – I have spoken to other IVF moms – we ALL SAY that we are ALL PARANOID – even after the baby comes- I can put it like this – it just feels like it so good to be true that at any moment someone can pinch you and you can wake up from the dream.  I know it may sound corny – everyone thinks I’m a nut – but unless you go thru the pain of not having and then all of a sudden you do – you can not fully understand.
Brought tears to my eyes cause that is exactly how I feel!

Anyway, curious when we should tell the family…… any suggestions?  I mean I in some ways want to keep it inside till the 3 month mark and sometimes I just want to share share share.  Our family will be overjoyed.



Results March 15, 2010

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Everything is good!  There is one little one in there measuring 6w1d with a Heartbeat of 104 beats per min. Very exciting, extremely surreal. 

We are obviously thrilled.  One more sonogram next week and then we are off to our OB (who we havent even picked yet).

OH, I should not have wished for morning sickness.  I have been burping non stop and I am totally nauseous today.

But hardly a price to pay right?

symptoms (or lack thereof) March 10, 2010

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So I’m scared.  Other than being extremely tired (which can also be the lack of coffee) I am really not feeling anything.  My boobs are kinda sore (when I poke and obsess over them) but not so much where I’m uncomfortable.

At Sunday’s blood draw, I told the nurse I was not feeling any symptoms and she said they usually come later, that if I was not going through IVF then I most likley would just be a week late. 

I’ve been scouring the blogosphere and everyone has symptoms.  God, I hate feeling like there could be something wrong. 

Anyone have any insight?  I guess I’m a little over 5 weeks at this point.  I mean Sunday’s HCG level of 2048 is good right??? 

I’m not so good at waiting and wondering.  I read LFCA today and so many things can go wrong at this point I’m so scared.

Update March 8, 2010

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Ok so I’ve been so busy since Friday with my mom’s surgery.  The bad news is , they did find some cancer but the doctor said he did not believe it was alot and he did not even think that she would need treatment moving forward.  We still have to wait for the pathology report though, he took out a bunch of lymph nodes and I’m just praying that that report is clear.

I spent the weekend back and forth to my Moms apartment. She is doing good today, shes sore and uncomfortable but she is feeling better than the last 2 days.

Now for the good news!  My beta today was 2048!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was shocked.  The nurse called and said that it was fantastic and she congratulated me.  Next step, ultrasound with Dr. L on Monday March 15th.  WOW.

one step at a time March 5, 2010

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So, it still is not sinking in.  I mean, when you are an infertile, even though you’ve in some way got entry to the “secret club” you somehow still feel like you dont belong. I really wish I could just rejoice but there is always that strange feeling in the back of my mind telling me not to ……to be cautious, to not get to comfortable etc…  Our next beta is Sunday, so honestly, we just have to take things one step at a time.  After the beta it will be the first ultrasound and then the next ultrasound etc…. like I said , one step at a time.

Tomorrow is my mom’s surgery.  Please pray that everything goes ok.

I’m stitting in bed and cramping quite a bit….. hope thats normal??  God, I am going to be a wreck this entire pregnancy.

Phew March 2, 2010

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Beta today was 179!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It tripled.

I was so excited but the nurse told me that they want the patients to be cautiously optimistic until the first ultrasound …… and they want me to come in again on Sunday for another beta.

God….. will I ever feel like I am really pregnant??