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5 days November 29, 2011

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5 days ago we transfered 2 blastocysts.  We had the best cycle with this protocol.  11 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized…. we only had 2 that made it to blastocysts….but we had zero last round so this is good news.

Last time it worked I had crazy cramps right about now and could have sworn I was getting my period……. this time it has been kinda quiet in symptom land….I’m feeling really tired but that could just be me being tired….. other than that I’m just trying to remain positive…

We are traveling to Florida for a long weekend and will miss beta day….. which is Saturday.  We wont be back till Sunday night …. so beta has been pushed to Monday.

I cannot imagine being strong enough to not test before….. thoughts?

 I would appreciate any good vibes you all can send me – thank you 🙂





I can’ t believe it’s been a whole year November 14, 2011

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My baby girl turned a year old last week.  How did that happen? She is such a joy.  We have so much fun with her.  Sometimes I just sit and watch her in amazement . Yesterday I saw her trying to put her socks on.  A little person, with thoughts and feelings.  It’s crazy to me, that she exists.

 I want her to have a sibling….. Is it selfish?  I don’t know…..If you asked me this before I ever was pregnant with her I would have said yes….

We are in the middle of our 2nd try at baby #2.  Dr. L tried a different protocol this time…  I started estrogen patches on day 21 and antigon for days 21,22, 23…..

I’m currently on day 10 of my cycle.  10 follicles, which is a huge, huge improvement. They are growing slow though so still going to stim for a few more days.

Feels surreal.