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Well here we are again my friends February 7, 2012

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I’m sorry I have not been blogging.  I was really enjoying a few months with little thoughts of TTC.  The rest of December was focused on Christmas, spending time with family and enjoying my little girl. 

I started Birth Control end of December and it made me terribly sick….. felt like morning sickness…. but with no pregnancy so totally not worth it.  I made them call in in a different perscription – which worked much better (as far as the nausea went).  We are doing a micro dose lupron protocol this cycle.  I’m taking alot of injections this time around….. MDL 2X a day, Follistim 450 1X a day and Menapur 150 1X a day.  Day 1 was Wed Feb 1st, where we started MDL.  Friday we started stimming.  Today I went in for a blood check.  It’s all happening so fast.

No real terrible side effects besides night sweats…. which I had pretty much every time I stimmed so I’ve expected that. 

I’m strangely calm this cycle, I’m not sure why, I am really focused on trying to just stay positive and take one day at a time. 

I’d be curious to hear from anyone who has done MDL protocol before and their thoughts…… I don’t think Dr. L uses this protocol alot….. which has me wondering… is this his last ditch effort? Am I getting too old?  I will be 39 in March… I cannot believe it myself.  I’m gonna get pregnant this cycle, I just know it.  I just do.

there.   Thats my statement.  I said it.  I will be.

Will update soon.




1. NewYear Mum - February 11, 2012

Hi… here from Cyclesistas :)) Joining the list for this month while doing IVF #3+… I also took a blogging break to refresh myself before this cycle and seems to have helped keep me calm too. I’m 39 too… hope this is all our year of success 🙂 I have a private blog {via newyearmum2.blogspot.com}, but happy for other IF/ART bloggers to join – just email me via my updater blog 🙂 Good luck for your cycle and great to be cycling with you xoxo

2. NewYear Mum - February 13, 2012

Hi… just got your email 🙂 Would love to connect you to my private blog – I just need your email address to set up the link xoxo

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