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ER tomorrow February 15, 2012

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Update: We have 5 very good sized follicles….and one more that is on the smaller side, but will prob be at a good size by tomorrow. Retrieval is scheduled for noon tomorrow. My estrogen was 1100 yesterday. Overall, I’m obviously upset that we don’t have more follicles, but I know there are some women out there that would die for 5 follicles so I’m not complaining….really. Not sure if this will be or last try or not, honestly not sure I can mentally manage this process again…. so I just was hoping to have the best cycle ever…. and it does only take 1 good one, so please pray for me.

On the work front, I’m in sales and we as a company are going to miss 1Q goals so things are more than stressful everyday. I decided to work from home on Friday the day after retrieval ( I told boss that I could not come in… he has no idea what “medical procedure” I’m having… I told him it was personal)… and in the past I came in the day after transfer, but this time I’m taking off. Not worth it to come in and have my body feel more stressed than I should. I feel kinda guilty about this but I’m not saving lives people.

Wishing luck to all my cyclesistas! Talk soon.



1. NewYear Mum - February 15, 2012

Hope your retrieval goes well… know how you feel about wondering how many more cycles are possible. FXd for you xoxo

2. Sue - February 16, 2012

Fingers crossed for you babe!

And DON’T feel guilty about work. Work is just work. This is waaaaay more important!!

Hugs xxxx

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