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Hi!  I’m a 34year old woman, trying to just get through this crazy life day by day….This blog is hopefully an answer to work through my feelings/emotions and just sometimes babble on about …. trying to have a baby, the life of a woman in a very corporate man’s world….. and everything else that comes along with that.

Things  I love:  a really good book: a large dunkin donuts coffee (light with skim and 2 sweet and lows please): running:  lazy days on the couch; the beach, drinking wine; getting a compliment; getting snowed in; time with good friends…

Things I hate:  Celery; chewing gum (i know this is odd); whistling; line cutters; losing; surprises…

How others would describe me: Competitive; sensitive; loyal; a good friend; extremely organized

Favorite Books:  Time Traveler’s Wife; Kite Runner; My Sister’s Keeper; The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon; A Million Little Pieces; Ann Rice’s The Vampire Series; The Red Tent…. & so many more

Favorite Movies:  It’s a Wonderful Life; Good Fellas; Shawshank Redemption

TV:  Lost; 24; The biggest loser; American Idol….. I LOVE reality tv….definitely a vice of mine

What else do you want to know???

Oh yeah I love top 40 on the radio……..LOL



1. Katrina Neighbours - May 17, 2009

Hi my name is Kat and I hav just found your blog! I sort of have one to “life is full of little surprises” but am still new to this. I wanted to write (is that the word for this) to say I know how oyu feel! I am 29 and my partner and I have been TTC for two and a half years now. After a year of trying I found out I have uterus didelfus but wasn’t too surprised as my mum has a Mullian anom as well. I have done clom and have just had first lot of IUI so we shall see. Like you I have a SIL who has a 19 month old girl who I adore and she is also 8 month preg with her second girl. I would love to get in contact if you are interested as I hav no one else with a prob like ours to talk to. My e-mail is kneighbours@xtra.co.nz if you are interested or can give me some others to hook up with going through the same issues.

2. mybumpyjourney - January 31, 2010

uh- are you my long lost clone? Seriously. This could be freaking my ‘about me section’ Minus the loving running part. LOL! The Outlander series are my absolute favorite.

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