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9 February 17, 2012

Posted by stoptheworldiwanttogetoff in IVF, poor responder.
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We got 9 eggs at retrieval today… I honestly was expecting 5 so I’m really happy. Very sore but otherwise ok. All the nurses know me, hugged me, wished me luck etc… I told them no offense I just really hope not to see u guys again… Everyone had a good chuckle over that.
While I was waiting to go in, there were 2 women who were waiting to be discharged… I overheard them talking and one said that she was 37 and not married or even close to being married so she was here for egg freezing. I thought that was so incredibly responsible of her. I just never thought of that situation but I just felt, I don’t know happy for her that she wouldn’t have to feel pressure of marrying quickly and just all the crap that goes with getting older, maybe I felt proud of a generation of smart women who take charge of their future.
So, most of the times I have been there, the many many times… Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves… Private. Quiet. Today was different. Quiet smiles, whispers of good luck, a kind looks that said “I get it sister, I’ve been here before too, and I’m praying for you”.
It was different today.
Keep u posted 🙂